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18 March 2006

Geoff Chaucer's Friendster blog

Geoff is a forty-five year-old Londoner who works in the Customs House.

And although he lived, wrote and died about six hundred years ago, his Friendster blog has just been discovered!

Like a lot of us, Geoff checks his access logs frequently...
Top X searches in myne networke:

10. John Gowere swyving a donkey
9. woolen hose
8. discounte ale
7. Kent
6. Macrobius for dummyes
5. howe to thinly veil acquaintences as fictional characteres
4. arabic numerals
3. readynge %(%(%ing chancerye hand
2. Sheene palace dynnere guest listes
1. Katharyne Swinford nude
Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog

Hat tip: Metafilter

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