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29 March 2006

A paean to grits...

...in, of all places, the food section of the Los Angeles Times.
Now real grits are easily available, in stores and online, and the only wonder is why chefs are not making more of them. Mix grits with buttery leeks and shiitakes and you will never settle for mashed potatoes again. Serve them with duck or shrimp or sausage and you may give up rice. Real grits have such distinctive flavor you can only marvel at how many nuances a single ingredient can have: a little like popcorn, a little like roasted corn on the cob, a bit sweet like corn pudding.
I knew right away what kind of grits the writer had got hold of... the extra-special product produced by the maniacally obsessed (in a good way) folks at Anson Mills.

Whew, them's good eatin'. (There are some great recipes in the article as well, including one for barbecue-braised duck legs with garlic grits. Yum.)

Fancy grits cause a stir - Los Angeles Times

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